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Can I be the scene to your xcore

Name- Bec Dowlin
Age- 17
Location- Warrnambool
Status- Single

Favourite Bands- Ben Folds Five, Green Day, Evanescence, Oasis, Thirsty Merc, Ben Lee, Ben Kweller
3 Bands you hate and why- Black Eyed Peas because I don't like dancey music and "My Humps" or whatever it is called has to be the WORST song I have ever heard! I hate Simple Plan because they try to be something that their not, and they're always singing stupid dumb songs about how much life sucks- build a bridge and get over it losers! I also don't like The Pussycat Dolls because well do I need any specific reason?? they're crap!!
Favourite Quote- "I'm in a glass case of emotion!" It's from Anchorman which is a hilarious movie...and this saying my friend Shibza made up "Just because you have one, doesn't mean you have to act like one!" XD

Best Friend & Why (with pictures)- my best friend would be Emmy! She is my bestie because she has a heart of gold and she is my sister! I feel like I can tell her anything, and she won't think I'm crazy (well too crazy!) I miss her sooo much because she lives in Tasmania now :(

there she is! GORGEOUS!

Favourite Website- Probably www.livejournal.com or www.freewebs.com/teensensationgirlz aha that last one is gold!

What are your veiw on..
Fashion- Personally think it's overrated, I just wear what I wanna wear and if it is or if it isn't in fashion then who cares, as long as I like it and feel comfortable in it then that's all that matters. In primary school everyone used to wear the surf-brand clothing and I despise it because what is the point in paying extra when all you are paying for is a brand?! it is ridiculous!
Fakes- They are only lying to themselves.
Courtney Love- She was in Hole wasn't she? She's alright I guess, don't really have an opinion on her...
Myspace- Don't have one, don't intend on having one.

Make Us laugh-
ok that was a bad attempt...but I bet I made you smile!

Tell us why you want to be here- It sounds like an awesome place to hang out...I'm kinda new to the whole 'communities' thing, this is the first one I've joined so yeah...Plus Greta told me to join, so I guess I did

Promote us with link in 5 different places-
I will, I'll post in all my friends journals, but it's 10:30 at night and I'm exhausted so give me a break! :)

3+ Pictures of yourself
that's me all dressed up for the debs!

 there's a close-up of me...

and there's one of me at Melbourne Cup day this year

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