orangexscene's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Rules For Applicants
x 13+ only
x No posting until accepted
x Fill in all of the application
x No bitching to the mods
x Put "Can I be the Scene to your xcore" in the subject line
x Do NOT change anything in the application form
x Fakes/Posers/Liers will be thrown out and mocked
x Don't type like a spork - we will shoot you
x Post your app. within 24 hours of joining
x Do not promote any other communities without the permission of the mods
x Promote your ass off

Rules For Members
x Be harsh when voting
x Stay active
x Don't bottle up your feelings about another member .. tell them
x Tell someone if you're going to be unactive for a while
x Promote your ass off

Application Form
Copy and paste this code into notepad.
Posting in Rich Text = Instant Ban


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x Jenn
x yohbitchface

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
x Adam
x dead__now

x 10 per picture in a post
x 10 per every promotion you give us links too
x 50 For ever banner you make and we chose to use
x 5 per text post

x 100 = 1 auto accept
x 200 = Create a theme/contest
x 350 = Member Of The Month

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